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When Larry Nobles was just a kid working on cars in the driveway, everyone knew he had a special gift. After a time in the ambulance and towing business, he decided to turn that talent to wrecker sales. Larry heard there was a hot new brand on the market – Century – and he liked what he saw in their product line so he signed on. As Miller Industries consolidated brands after starting with the purchase of  Century from Jerry Holmes, the lines of equipment sold and serviced by Larry Nobles Wrecker Sales expanded.


In 2012 Larry passed away, leaving behind many friends and customers from his quarter century in business. Today, although the founder has passed on, the Larry Nobles tradition of service remains unchanged from the earliest days of the business.


Larry’s son Dewayne spent plenty of time around the shop as a kid, meeting customers and watching how things get done – right. According to plan, Dewayne has now formally taken over the leadership of Larry Nobles. As business continued to expand, Dewayne reached out to a cousin, Ricky Ingram, to bring in his operational management expertise from the Yamaha golf cart distributorship he managed. Since 2002, Ricky has been in charge of the shop and general operations, so ask for him anytime.

(Background photo) Larry and son, Dewayne, in 1966

(Below) Larry Nobles, founder, in 1966

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